RoodMinistry is the work of the Church, and as a word we use it widely, and perhaps not always well.

There is a ministry of prayer which we see as foundational to all that we do.

There is ministry of sacraments (Eucharist, Baptism, Marriage, Anointing, Reconciliation) which we understand as gifts on earth by which we touch the spiritual and the eternal.

There is a ministry of song, where we lift our voices and our spirits in celebration to the God we love and who loves us.

There is a ministry of teaching, where we proclaim the deep truths and the wondrous acts of God in Christ Jesus.

There is a ministry of kindness, where in our ultimate humanity we let the light of Christ shine in us.

Simon Phipps in his book God on Monday described love as ‘the accurate estimation of a need and the fulfilment of the need’. Whilst we don’t always get it right that is the ideal of all our ministry.