Community is a vital part of Christian life, and much of the teaching of Jesus was about how we treat each other. The Parish Faith Family is a community and we need to care and look after each other in this faith family. However we recognise that we live inside the wider community and our embers are actively part of many organisations within our community and it is important for us, in being authentic, that we are involved within the wider community.

It has often been said that the Church exists primarily for those who do not go to church. This is a valuable insight because it reminds us that our lives are not self centered, but Christ centred, and our focus is outside ourselves. The sad thing about many of the big internal discussions that happen inside the Church as an organisation, although they are important, they have the risk of allowing us to forget this truth.

As part of our community life we have a number of groups associated with the parish. You will find these under the groups section in the menu.