Anglican Church Newcastle

Anglican Church Newcastle is your local Anglican Church in the Central Coast, Hunter, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Manning, Paterson and Port Stephens regions of New South Wales, Australia. We are part of Anglican Church Newcastle, and the Bishop of Newcastle is our Bishop

The Anglican Communion

The Anglican Communion comprises 38 self-governing Member Churches or Provinces that share several things in common including doctrine, ways of worshipping, mission, and a focus of unity in the Archbishop of Canterbury. Formal mechanisms for meeting include the Lambeth Conference, the Anglican Consultative Council, and the Primates’ Meeting, together known as the Instruments of Communion.

The Anglican Church of Australia

The Anglican Church of Australia is centred on the General Synod which functions as a forum for the 23 Dioceses of the Anglican Church of Australia to consider and determine matters of common interest in the affairs of the Church, in the Church's engagement with society and concerning the welfare of our society.g


The Samaritans Foundation is one of Australia’s largest regional welfare organisations, operating on the east coast of NSW. Every week, Samaritans provides to 250 families experiencing disadvantage in our local communityety.g

The Mothers Union in Australia

The Mothers Union in Australia is part of the worldwide Mothers’ Union with links to 83 countries and over four million members who share one heartfelt vision - to bring about a world where God's love is shown through prayer and loving, respectful and flourishing relationships.

Cursillo Newcastle

Cursillo and the experience of Cursillo can only be gained by attending a Cursillo weekend, however, it can enrich and deepen your relationship with Jesus and can empower and encourage you to live your life as a confident Christian. It can assist you in bringing the love and influence of our wonderful Lord into your everyday life in the outside world, your workplace and your

Anglican Women Newcastle

Anglican Women aims to work towards the extension of Christ's kingdom through worship, study, service, fellowship and giving, to promote co-operation and understanding between the various groups which may exist in any one parish, and to make provision for those not included in such groups. It is often described as the umbrella organisation for women in our diocese.

The Society of Catholic Priests

The Society of Catholic Priests is a society of men and women serving as Priests throughout the Anglican Communion and promoting the formation and support of priestly spirituality and Catholic evangelism.

Anglicans Online

Anglicans Online is staffed by an unpaid group not affiliated officially with any church body. We write and publish AO every week because of our belief that global communications can help foster global unity in our faith. The issues that unite us are so much stronger and larger than the issues that might sometimes divide us.

Facing the past: shaping healthy future

To you who have experienced abuse I want you to know as a Diocese we feel shame and profound regret that people within the Church harmed you and harmed you again when you came forward to speak of what had happened.

Oremus Bible Browser

Oremus Bible Browser

The Oremus Bible Browser is a fantastic resource for looking up readings and pursuing bible passages and references. It uses the New Revised Standard version of the bible which is the one we read from in Church.