Odd Bits of Info

I Am Statements of Jesus

Jesus Said I am In the Gospel of John we find seven 'I am' statements for Jesus. I am


Gospel Procession

The Gospel Procession which is often part of our liturgy is important and underlines some important things for us.

Cardiff Anglican Church

The Garden Chapel

To the side of St Thomas’ is the Chapel of reflection. It is specifically attuned to being a place


Prayer is one of the marks of our christian life, and it finds expression in many ways. Sometimes it

St Thomas Logo

The traditional symbol of St Thomas is the sword traversing the Carpenters Square. According to fairly reliable tradition Thomas



The symbol here is technically called a Christogram. That is a monogram from Jesus. IC are the first letters

Mar Thoma Cross

The Mar Thoma Cross comes from the Mar Thoma Church on the west coast of southern India. This is

The Incredulation of St Thomas

Whilst there are many real treasures at St Thomas, one of the things you will notice is the Icon

Five Marks of Mission

TELL Proclamation may be in words – effective communication of the Gospel – but also in actions, by living


Preaching as an important part of the Ministry of the Word. Preaching does not imply that we have all


Music is a vital part of worship at St Thomas Cardiff. We sing a wide variety of hymns from

The Compass Rose

The Compass Rose has become the logo of the Anglican Communion worldwide. At the centre is the Cross of