It doesn’t matter how old we are—a baby, child, teenager or adult, beginning something new is an exciting time.

Baptism is a beginning too—beginning new life in Christ. That’s why Baptism is also sometimes called Christening – it’s about being “in Christ”.

Baptism is also about belonging—being part of God’s family, and growing in that family.

We are happy to talk with you about baptism at any age – baby, child or adult.

Baptisms take place during worship at St Thomas’

7.30am Sunday

9.00am Sunday

or Sundays at 11.00am by special arrangement.

How do I arrange a Baptism?

Please contact us, either by phone 4954 8550 or email to book in a date for the baptism. Some preliminary information will be taken at this time.

We ask that you attend church at least once before the baptism – either 9.00am on a Sunday or Mass & Meal on the second Saturday night of each month at 6pm. Afterworship, the rest of the details are recorded, and we talk about baptism and the baptism service.

There is no cost for the baptism, however, we do ask that you might think about making a donation or thank offering for the baptism and for the work of the church in the community, especially with families.

Baptism is about faith, family, and life. We’re about that too.

We look forward to welcoming you!