Gospel Procession

The Gospel Procession which is often part of our liturgy is important and underlines some important things for us. Firstly it is the Gospel reading that is the high point of the Ministry of the Word. The emphasis we give to the Gospel is because these are the stories of Jesus, as recorded by the early witnesses and is received by us as being very important. Secondly it is the people's story, and it is read amongst the people, and we hear it now as the first witnesses heard it, with Jesus standing in our midst, and as we listen to the gospel we listen for the words that jesus has for us. Thirdly it is read amongst the people as a reminder of our mission to go and tell people about Jesus, not just simply in Church, but out amongst the people. The Gospel is normally led by the cross, the centre of the story and accompanied by two lights, for the law and the prophets and reminding us of our baptismal command to shine as a light in the world to the glory of God the Father.