Mar Thoma Cross

Mar Thoma CrossThe Mar Thoma Cross comes from the Mar Thoma Church on the west coast of southern India. This is the Church which declare Thomas the Apostle as it’s founder. The cross is somewhat distinctive .

The Cross of Jesus , sprouting flowers of peace is at the centre, seated on the throne of God the Father, represented in the traditional Indian fold-stool kind of throne, and receiving the anointing of the Holy Spirit from on high.

Whilst it is clearly a decorative cross, it is also a very strong statement about the Holy Trinity.

The Mar Thoma Church for much of it’s history was somewhat independent from the rest of the Church and the English were unaware of it until they colonised India and were surprised to find the message of the Gospel had been there all along. The Church shows in its liturgy and theology the ancient eastern heritage, and yet has embraced much of what is important in the reformation.