Prayer is one of the marks of our christian life, and it finds expression in many ways. Sometimes it is corporate and formal, sometimes it is much prepared and resolved, sometimes it is spontaneous and and direct, and sometimes it has no words at all.

Prayer is an acknowledgement with we live our lives in a greater context than the here now. That does not mean that the here and now does not matter, but rather that it matters to God, because we matter to God, and we spend time because God matters to us.

Prayer is generally seen in various forms:

  • Intercession and Petition when we recognise that we have need of God's assistance in the various things that confront us or others.
  • Thanksgiving naturally flows in response to answered prayer, and for the many things that we have to be thankful for.
  • Confession follows when we realise that we do not always meet our own standards, let alone God's standards.
  • Adoration is the prayer of peace when we are content to be in the presence of God.

These can be remembered as Please and Thank You, Oops and WOW!

We often light a candle as part of prayer as a reminder that we want to see things in a different light, and indeed to see them in the light of Christ.