St Thomas Logo

StThomasThe traditional symbol of St Thomas is the sword traversing the Carpenters Square.

According to fairly reliable tradition Thomas travelled with the Gospel to India. The ancient Mar Thoma Church in India celebrates Thomas as their founder.

According to legend Thomas was a builder. An Indian King had become impressed by Roman Architecture sought to have a temple built in that style. He gave the money to Thomas who promptly distributed it to the poor. When the King came to see the temple, he was met by grateful people and when he asked Thomas he was told that he would find his temple in heaven.

Thomas was martyred with a spear in India and his remains are distributed between the Cathedral in Mylapore near Chennai in India and Ortona in Italy.

The Parish Banner which you will see in the Church depicts the Sword and Spear logo, and reminds us as Christians that we are both battlers for and builders of the Kingdom of God.