The Compass Rose

ACCRoseThe Compass Rose has become the logo of the Anglican Communion worldwide.

At the centre is the Cross of St George, which reminds us of the English Heritage of the Anglican Church. Today we are a global communion, the great principles we accept, find much of their origin in the Church of England.

The greek that surrounds this is the motto of the Anglican Communion, and translates as The Truth will set you free. Greek is the language of the New Testament and it reminds us that we go back to the New Testament sources. Anglicans have been leaders in the area of good solid academic understanding of our foundations.

The points of the Compass tells us that we are a global communion, and we reach out to all the world with the message of salvation.

The Mitre at the top reminds us that we are episcopally governed, which means that we embrace the historic and catholic structure of the Church with Bishops, Priests and Deacons. The two lappets coming for the mitre are a reminder that the Bishop also are subject to scripture.