Pashal Candle

Worship is the adoring acknowledgement of all that lies beyond.

There is the capacity for all of us left to our own devices to think we are more significant than we are, that the world in some way relies on us to maintain its axis of rotation. Worship reminds us that despite the enormity of God, and our comparative smallness. that God cares for each and every one of us.

Our worship is God directed, and celebrates his love for us.

It seems in the life of the planet that worship is a uniquely human activity, there is no evidence that any other part of creation engages in worship as a conscious, whilst the whole of creation sings the greatness of God.

In our worship services we listen to the narratives of scripture and ponder what they mean for us today. And in fulfillment of the command of Christ we take bread and offer it, bless it, break it and share it, as we celebrate his coming among us with gifts of life, meaning and hope.

We celebrate as an open family of God, and you are most welcome to join us.